April 22 – PD Day Camp

A new PD Day dawns… coming to a school near you on April 22!

Is this what it looks like at your place…???

Not at our place!!!

Atado offers your kids an option to pass the day with fun, games & exercise.

Shifu Justin and Shi Nicolas give trial lessons at the Cherry Park Festival

Shifu Justin and Shi Nicolas give trial lessons at the Cherry Park Festival

Join us for Shaolin Kung Fu, Yoga, Games, Arts & Crafts, Snacks and a big-screen movie with freshly made popcorn! Weather permitting we will even have outdoor activities.

First-Ever Atado Movie Night

First-Ever Atado Movie Night

Learn some basic Shaolin Kung Fu forms, try some of our weapons, practice self defense and have lots of fun. All activities will be supervised by CPR trained adults and club instructors will be on site. Prior Kung Fu experience is not required.

Shifus - Riding Dragon Stance

Shifus – Riding Dragon Stance

Space is limited. All ages welcome.

The event cost is $50 per child, all inclusive.

Atado PD-Camp Day - Apr 22

Atado PD-Camp Day – Apr 22

See you there!

First Atado Movie Night

Last Night (Feb 27) Atado held its First-Ever Movie Night, thanks to the engaged organization of James and the happy participation of our kids!

First-Ever Atado Movie Night

First-Ever Atado Movie Night

We had pizza, freshly made popcorn, kids & adult pop, treat bags, chips and DQ ice cream and watched two exciting movies (KungFu Panda 1 and Forbidden Kingdom). The Full HD projection onto a ~20ft screen and the 5.1 surround sound in the large space worked impressively well.

The morning started off with our regular KungFu class. Our guest enjoyed a broad introduction into KungFu, from warm-up over forms to weapons. Shifu Justin and Shifu Karen worked hard to maintain some order in the youngest group (JK/SK age). In the mean time James & Robyn prepared the food stand. With some “free styling” following the class we eventually started the first movie and the first round of popcorn, drinks & snacks.

After the first movie we held an activity break while the pizza arrived. With its distribution we started the second movie around 2:30, enjoying the DQ ice cream and more snacks until the event closed around 4:30.

This event was great fun and we already had several request for a repeat. The fundraising efforts help us keep the club running, so look for further announcements!


Mark your calendar:    April 22

The WRDSB will have a PD Day and Atado will be open for a PD-Camp-Day!

Invitation to Atado's First-ever PD-Camp Day

Invitation to Atado’s First-ever PD-Camp Day


I would also like to thank our sponsors. Mention us when you visit them!

Pizza was donated by Twin City Pizza



DQ Treats were provided by

DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant – Westmount Plaza


And if you need renovation services, pick up a business card from our popcorn machine donor!

Atado Photo Shoot

Over the course of the last few weeks Atado had the pleasure of working with Eric Franzkowiak to get some professional pictures and video clips taken of our Kung Fu instructor team.

Shifus - Riding Dragon Stance

Shifus – Riding Dragon Stance

We are hoping to show you more of these as time goes on. We want to provide you interesting information, explanations and backgrounds for stances and movements and maybe instructional clips.

Stay tuned!

Self-Defence Seminar


To our regret the Self-Defense Seminar did not come to life this time due to low interest.

We will repeat this program later on, so please contact us if you are interested!


Hello all!

Come join us on February 6th, 2016 at Atado School of Defensive Arts for a 3-hour self-defence seminar.


Our qualified instructors will cover a variety of traditional and modern self-defence techniques, including:
•    Unarmed and armed defence,
•    Proper striking techniques, and
•    Seize & control

The cost is $60 per person for non-members, and $35 per person for members.  The seminar will run from 1:00 – 4:00 PM and will be held at Atado School of Defensive Arts, 26 Elm Street Kitchener.

Spaces are limited, so email club@atado.ca to reserve your place today!

Hope to see you there!

Sifu Karen

Christmas & New Year

We at Atado sincerely hope you had a great Christmas Holiday and wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Our traditional Atado Christmas Party took place on Dec 19 and we had a blast! Yummy food was brought and shared by all.


Potluck at the Atado Christmas Party

Potluck at the Atado Christmas Party

The kids enjoyed tug-o-war, “who can bounce the best” trampoline competitions and just generic wrestling matches :-).

Atado Christmas 2015 - 2

A big thank you to all who showed up and contributed to the Christmas Cheer!

Happy New Year!  See you at the club!

26th Canadian National KungFu Championship

Another eventful weekend has passed.

This time it saw a few brave competitors hit the road at 7am on Saturday to make their way to Markham for registration in the 26th Canadian National KungFu Championship, hosted by the Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu Federation.

CCKSF KungFu Chamionship

The famous “Markham Competition”, this time first hand!

We were treated to a friendly reception and some of us were immediately put to work. We know how this goes from our own events :-)

Atado members are put to work for setup

Atado members are always ready to help!

The Shaolin Quanfa Institute (under Shi Guo Song) brought the most students. Chi Wai Lee (Chung Wah) , Atado, the International Hung Gar Association (all the way from Quebec City!) and Christian Wushu (the hosts) made up a much smaller but no less capable group.

Our first participant was Zach, demonstrating his small back-through boxing form and catching major air for the picture. Zach also was our most active participant, signing up for Empty Hand, 13 Spear and Soft Weapon Sparring! The latter gained him a bronze medal! Congratulations, Zach!

Zach performs his Empty Hand Form in front of the judges

Zach performs his small back-through boxing form in front of the judges

Kai showed the Northern Shaolin Longboxing, sticking out from the other participants with a truly different form.

Kai performs Shaolin Northern Longboxing

Kai performs Northern Shaolin Longboxing

Nicolas participated in the Empty Hand form and in sparring with a spear. He earned silver medals against formidable competitors in both disciplines.

It was exciting to watch a real sparring event where competitors are actually given a chance to practice their skills. Watch the video below to see for yourself!

In the end, this competition was both a pleasure to watch and to participate in. Both judges and participants were very much in line with our style and held a very fair and friendly competition. Our Team enjoyed the visit and came home honourably decorated.

Markham Competition Team 2 Zach and Nicolas after sparring

We are looking forward for this event again next year!

Shaolin & Knight Well Met!

*** Update: Check out the videos below!!! ***

So, today is Sunday, the day after the Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo Park.

The Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo

The Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo

And what a day THAT was! It was a bit wet and a bit windy, but we did great! Our most resilient team, consisting of Zach, Kylie, Matthew, Kai, Justin, Nicolas and Karen weathered wind and rain, put on a great show and still managed to have a blast!

Shi Nicolas leads the kids in Basic Eight

Shi Nicolas leads the kids in Basic Eight

As at the Cherry Park Festival earlier this summer we generated a lot of interest and many people stopped by the booth to handle some weapons, talk to us or participate in the draw for a free month membership, T-shirt and Ninja Soap.

Shifu Justin & Kai demonstrating Long Boxing

Shifu Justin & Kai demonstrating Long Boxing

The King himself (impersonated by Dave Jaworsky, the major of Waterloo) gave us the honour of an appearance and a portrait!

Waterloo Major Dave Jaworsky, dressed as King, poses with Atado Shifus

The King grants Atado the honour of a portrait


Between our own demonstrations, our kids were occupied playing the games, awesomely put on by the organizers of the RMF for all the little knights, ladies and Shaolin.

Atado Kids shooting toy catapults at the Royal Medieval Faire

Zach & Kai shoot down the fortress!

Zach was unstoppable until he either got banned, had depleted the price stock or the show closed!

Matthew did his first public presentation – awesome job, Matthew!

A young Shaolin demonstrates his skill with the staff

Shaolin skill & bravery – after only one month of training!


All our participants took the opportunity for a match-up with one of the knights, stepping into the fighting ring (with foam blades, of course!) to see who would have won a medieval battle if the Crusaders had made it past the middle east. See some of the videos below!

Shifu Justin squares off with Sir Liam


Zach takes down the Mysterious Black Knight Sir Sean

Miraculously recovered, Sir Sean matches up against Shi Nicolas

Shifu Karen faces the intimidating Sir Scary Knight


Thank You to all who showed up! Karen, Justin & Nicolas for organizing the demos, kids for participating and being good fun and parents for helping out!

I specifically wanted to thank James for his cheer, staying power and unrelenting sales job! Thank You James, without you these shows would be much quieter!

Thanks also goes out to Trevor and Amy who helped us set up and take down and who lend us Zach to keep our spirits up in rain and storm!

Edison, we all send out multiple thanks during the day already for your canopy!!! You will get it back dry and unharmed, we really appreciated the loan!