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The Atado Club went to China Town on Saturday July 18th. We had a great time in perfect weather in a surprisingly empty city. The PanAm games must have drawn people away!

Atado in China Town - 23 July 15

Atado in China Town – 23 July 15

Shifu Ron guided the tour with unexpected timing precision! The group of cars arrived in the selected parking lot within a few minutes, we caught the subway to downtown and had time to roam the first set of stores. Then it was time for a delicious lunch of Dim Sum.

China Town Dim Sum Lunch

China Town Dim Sum Lunch

In good Shaolin Tradition Shifu Victor did not pass up any opportunity to learn and share wisdom. We had some engaging discussions!

Shifu Victor explains foundations of Shaolin philosophy

Shifu Victor explains foundations of Shaolin philosophy

Afterwards we wandered around some more and visited Dao Shi in the Shaolin Temple in Toronto. Dao Shi’s club has recently moved and has major construction, but we were impressed with his new facilities and future plans. We will certainly have to visit again.

The remaining stores and Bubble Tea were tackled next. Nobody can say Shaolin don’t know how to have fun…

Much later than I anticipated, a happy crew travelled back to the parking lot – not missing the opportunity to help a damsel in distress that was quickly and happily reunited with her family – and departed for home to arrive around 8:30 pm. As long as your car could make it (you know who you are 🙂 – hope CAA covered you!),  this was a great 12h trip.

I enjoyed this outing very much (it was the first I participated in), especially the fun company. I look forward to our next trip, where-ever it may take us!


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