Shaolin & Knight Well Met!

*** Update: Check out the videos below!!! ***

So, today is Sunday, the day after the Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo Park.

The Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo

The Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo

And what a day THAT was! It was a bit wet and a bit windy, but we did great! Our most resilient team, consisting of Zach, Kylie, Matthew, Kai, Justin, Nicolas and Karen weathered wind and rain, put on a great show and still managed to have a blast!

Shi Nicolas leads the kids in Basic Eight

Shi Nicolas leads the kids in Basic Eight

As at the Cherry Park Festival earlier this summer we generated a lot of interest and many people stopped by the booth to handle some weapons, talk to us or participate in the draw for a free month membership, T-shirt and Ninja Soap.

Shifu Justin & Kai demonstrating Long Boxing

Shifu Justin & Kai demonstrating Long Boxing

The King himself (impersonated by Dave Jaworsky, the major of Waterloo) gave us the honour of an appearance and a portrait!

Waterloo Major Dave Jaworsky, dressed as King, poses with Atado Shifus

The King grants Atado the honour of a portrait


Between our own demonstrations, our kids were occupied playing the games, awesomely put on by the organizers of the RMF for all the little knights, ladies and Shaolin.

Atado Kids shooting toy catapults at the Royal Medieval Faire

Zach & Kai shoot down the fortress!

Zach was unstoppable until he either got banned, had depleted the price stock or the show closed!

Matthew did his first public presentation – awesome job, Matthew!

A young Shaolin demonstrates his skill with the staff

Shaolin skill & bravery – after only one month of training!


All our participants took the opportunity for a match-up with one of the knights, stepping into the fighting ring (with foam blades, of course!) to see who would have won a medieval battle if the Crusaders had made it past the middle east. See some of the videos below!

Shifu Justin squares off with Sir Liam


Zach takes down the Mysterious Black Knight Sir Sean

Miraculously recovered, Sir Sean matches up against Shi Nicolas

Shifu Karen faces the intimidating Sir Scary Knight


Thank You to all who showed up! Karen, Justin & Nicolas for organizing the demos, kids for participating and being good fun and parents for helping out!

I specifically wanted to thank James for his cheer, staying power and unrelenting sales job! Thank You James, without you these shows would be much quieter!

Thanks also goes out to Trevor and Amy who helped us set up and take down and who lend us Zach to keep our spirits up in rain and storm!

Edison, we all send out multiple thanks during the day already for your canopy!!! You will get it back dry and unharmed, we really appreciated the loan!

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