26th Canadian National KungFu Championship

Another eventful weekend has passed.

This time it saw a few brave competitors hit the road at 7am on Saturday to make their way to Markham for registration in the 26th Canadian National KungFu Championship, hosted by the Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu Federation.

CCKSF KungFu Chamionship

The famous “Markham Competition”, this time first hand!

We were treated to a friendly reception and some of us were immediately put to work. We know how this goes from our own events 🙂

Atado members are put to work for setup

Atado members are always ready to help!

The Shaolin Quanfa Institute (under Shi Guo Song) brought the most students. Chi Wai Lee (Chung Wah) , Atado, the International Hung Gar Association (all the way from Quebec City!) and Christian Wushu (the hosts) made up a much smaller but no less capable group.

Our first participant was Zach, demonstrating his small back-through boxing form and catching major air for the picture. Zach also was our most active participant, signing up for Empty Hand, 13 Spear and Soft Weapon Sparring! The latter gained him a bronze medal! Congratulations, Zach!

Zach performs his Empty Hand Form in front of the judges

Zach performs his small back-through boxing form in front of the judges

Kai showed the Northern Shaolin Longboxing, sticking out from the other participants with a truly different form.

Kai performs Shaolin Northern Longboxing

Kai performs Northern Shaolin Longboxing

Nicolas participated in the Empty Hand form and in sparring with a spear. He earned silver medals against formidable competitors in both disciplines.

It was exciting to watch a real sparring event where competitors are actually given a chance to practice their skills. Watch the video below to see for yourself!

In the end, this competition was both a pleasure to watch and to participate in. Both judges and participants were very much in line with our style and held a very fair and friendly competition. Our Team enjoyed the visit and came home honourably decorated.

Markham Competition Team 2 Zach and Nicolas after sparring

We are looking forward for this event again next year!

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