First Atado Movie Night

Last Night (Feb 27) Atado held its First-Ever Movie Night, thanks to the engaged organization of James and the happy participation of our kids!

First-Ever Atado Movie Night

First-Ever Atado Movie Night

We had pizza, freshly made popcorn, kids & adult pop, treat bags, chips and DQ ice cream and watched two exciting movies (KungFu Panda 1 and Forbidden Kingdom). The Full HD projection onto a ~20ft screen and the 5.1 surround sound in the large space worked impressively well.

The morning started off with our regular KungFu class. Our guest enjoyed a broad introduction into KungFu, from warm-up over forms to weapons. Shifu Justin and Shifu Karen worked hard to maintain some order in the youngest group (JK/SK age). In the mean time James & Robyn prepared the food stand. With some “free styling” following the class we eventually started the first movie and the first round of popcorn, drinks & snacks.

After the first movie we held an activity break while the pizza arrived. With its distribution we started the second movie around 2:30, enjoying the DQ ice cream and more snacks until the event closed around 4:30.

This event was great fun and we already had several request for a repeat. The fundraising efforts help us keep the club running, so look for further announcements!


Mark your calendar:    April 22

The WRDSB will have a PD Day and Atado will be open for a PD-Camp-Day!

Invitation to Atado's First-ever PD-Camp Day

Invitation to Atado’s First-ever PD-Camp Day


I would also like to thank our sponsors. Mention us when you visit them!

Pizza was donated by Twin City Pizza



DQ Treats were provided by

DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant – Westmount Plaza


And if you need renovation services, pick up a business card from our popcorn machine donor!

Atado Photo Shoot

Over the course of the last few weeks Atado had the pleasure of working with Eric Franzkowiak to get some professional pictures and video clips taken of our Kung Fu instructor team.

Shifus - Riding Dragon Stance

Shifus – Riding Dragon Stance

We are hoping to show you more of these as time goes on. We want to provide you interesting information, explanations and backgrounds for stances and movements and maybe instructional clips.

Stay tuned!