First Atado Movie Night

Last Night (Feb 27) Atado held its First-Ever Movie Night, thanks to the engaged organization of James and the happy participation of our kids!

First-Ever Atado Movie Night

First-Ever Atado Movie Night

We had pizza, freshly made popcorn, kids & adult pop, treat bags, chips and DQ ice cream and watched two exciting movies (KungFu Panda 1 and Forbidden Kingdom). The Full HD projection onto a ~20ft screen and the 5.1 surround sound in the large space worked impressively well.

The morning started off with our regular KungFu class. Our guest enjoyed a broad introduction into KungFu, from warm-up over forms to weapons. Shifu Justin and Shifu Karen worked hard to maintain some order in the youngest group (JK/SK age). In the mean time James & Robyn prepared the food stand. With some “free styling” following the class we eventually started the first movie and the first round of popcorn, drinks & snacks.

After the first movie we held an activity break while the pizza arrived. With its distribution we started the second movie around 2:30, enjoying the DQ ice cream and more snacks until the event closed around 4:30.

This event was great fun and we already had several request for a repeat. The fundraising efforts help us keep the club running, so look for further announcements!


Mark your calendar:    April 22

The WRDSB will have a PD Day and Atado will be open for a PD-Camp-Day!

Invitation to Atado's First-ever PD-Camp Day

Invitation to Atado’s First-ever PD-Camp Day


I would also like to thank our sponsors. Mention us when you visit them!

Pizza was donated by Twin City Pizza



DQ Treats were provided by

DQ Grill & Chill Restaurant – Westmount Plaza


And if you need renovation services, pick up a business card from our popcorn machine donor!

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