Broga Yoga coming to ATADO!!!

Hello Everyone,

We are really excited to announce our new and upcoming Broga® Yoga program, here at ATADO! If you hold a Full membership this exclusive program is included for you!

Broga starting at Atado Sept. 8, 2016

Broga starting at Atado Sept. 8, 2016

Our awesome yoga instructor has taken it upon her to travel to the heart of male-friendly yoga (Boston USA, no less…, who would have said India?) and bring back a very exciting ‘Brogram’ (I kid you not!) that includes pieces of yoga combined with HIIT and good music. Overall an inspired exercise program, design to get from just any guy to a bro. 😉

Come and join us, starting Thursday, Sept 8th (6-7pm) with a free trial class.

The 8-week program will run Thursdays, 6-7pm, starting September 15th.

Come out, give it a try!

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