Kung Fu

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

Our Li style and Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu has been passed down through seven generations of Li Masters. We refine your skills with over 2000 different self-defense applications as well as a full spectrum of Chin Na movements, the highly skilled art of Seize and Control. We combine these open hand forms with a wide range of traditional Chinese Martial Arts weapons.


Traditional Wushu

A term that literally translates to “martial arts,” Wushu is widely practised as an exercise routine not only in China, but throughout the world. Originally developed as a military practice, Wushu was later introduced to the public as a general fitness routine. This exciting sport develops personal fitness through traditional Kung Fu movements combined with gymnastic-style compulsories.


Wudang Kung Fu

Wudang Kung Fu is a special internal martial arts style in China and enjoys a parallel position and history with Shaolin Kung Fu in the Chinese Kung Fu field. From this originates the popular saying “In the north respect is paid to Shoalin Kung Fu; yet in the south honor is given to Wudang Kung Fu.” Wudang Internal Kung Fu is based upon the principles of Infinity (Yi Wu Ji), Supreme Ultimate (Tai Chi), and Two Extremes (Liang Yi Wei Yi). By combining these principles, various styles have developed and flourished over the years. Wudang Internal Kung Fu has the characteristics of overcoming toughness with flexibility, hardness with softness and movement with stillness. Wudang Kung Fu not only provides the function of body-strengthening and self-defence but can also preserve ones inner energy.