Cherry Park demonstration

Hey Everyone!

The Cherry Park Festival is on Saturday July 4th and Atado will be there!

We will be doing an on-stage demo of Kung Fu and Tai Chi from 11-12 noon.

Cherry Park is in walking distance from Atado and the club will come out after Saturday Morning practice.

Come out, meet us and enjoy the show!

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Spontaneous Demo at the Multi-Cultural

The City of Kitchener held its annual Multi-Cultural Festival on June 20 & 21st, last weekend. Check it out here – it’s a great event!

A small group of Atado Black Belts took it upon them to venture out with a pile of new flyers, command a nicely located staging ground and go about showing “the world” what Shaolin are made off.

Atado Black Belts Demo Shaolin KungFu at the Kitchener Multi-Cultural Festival

Atado Black Belts demo Shaolin KungFu at the Kitchener Multi-Cultural Festival

We generated a nice amount of interest and people were actually asking for our flyers. We are looking forward for seeing a few new faces in the club soon!

Thanks to Karen, Justin, Nicolas and Gavin we had a good time, got people a taste of true Shaolin Kung Fu and had some interesting discussions with passerby’s and many of the other participants.

Thanks also to Edison who we met walking around the festival with his weapons tied on his back and flyers in his pocket. I hope he didn’t get pulled over…

Thanks to my “good” planning we had neither water, nor food nor sunscreen nor enough money nor did we get a really nice picture to show. I only caught Justin after he had finished his form while Nicolas was hiding behind the lantern post. Better luck next time!

Anyhow, this festival is a great venture for us to meet new people, get our name out and show our skills. Next year we will try to get the booth right next to the staging ground we occupied this time. It was a perfect spot!

Our Perfect Spot for a Demo - Hopefully we can get this booth next year!

Our Perfect Spot for a Demo – Hopefully we can get this booth next year!


Thanks to all who helped and came out.

I promised cookies and I brought them – come to the club, you may be lucky and get some leftovers!



Ron bids his “See you Soon”

Last Night, in an emotional speech, Ron has told us the story of his club, his KungFu family, some of his past and how he sees Atado going forward.

Ron tells Atado's history

Ron tells Atado’s history

As you may know, Ron and his wife Stacy are moving back home.

This leaves Atado up in the air for all of us. Luckily Ron has been thinking about his legacy and has prepared the hand-over. Shifu Victor, Shifu Karen, Shifu Justin and Shi Nicolas are ready to continue the Kung-Fu and Tai Chi practice. Shifu Ron will join us via Skype on Saturday’s and visit us for Gradings.

In the ceremony Grandmaster Ron Williamson abdicated his status in the 7th Generation of the Li family to Shi Nicolas as the 8th Generation of the Li family. Shifu Victor completed the ceremony by passing the family chop (seal) from Shifu Ron to Shi Nicolas.

Shi Nicolas accepts the Li Family chop as the 8th generation

Shi Nicolas accepts the Li Family chop as the 8th generation from Shifu Victor.

Our New Atado Flyer

Hi Folks,

Atado Flyer - OneThirdPage

take  a look at the updated Atado Club Flyer!

We used Ron’s version and added Yoga and the 3 Free Trial Classes 🙂

There is a pile printed and we are signing up volunteers to join us for the upcoming Multi-Cultural Festival in Victoria Park to do some advertising and hand out the out.

Cookies for whoever shows up in uniform !!!


We will talk on Saturday, but hopefully you will join our efforts!.


Sunny Weekend,


Atado Summer Camp 2015 – Cancelled


Unfortunately we have not gotten much response for the summer camp – only one week requested from an external party…

So we have to cancel for this year, but next year we will start in February and then we will see! Make sure you mark your calendar 🙂 and remind us in January.


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Chinese New Year Demo

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that this Saturday, February 21st Atado School of Defensive Arts will be holding an open house and two demonstrations for Chinese New Year.

The students and teachers of Atado will take be taking part in two demonstrations at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM.

We encourage everyone to spread the word to their family and friends to attend and celebrate the new year!

Gong xi fa cai!


Welcome Back!

Greetings everyone!

Please note that we will be open on Saturday January 3rd at 9 AM for regular classes, we hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and we hope to see everyone back safely at Atado.

Atado School of Defensive Arts has openings for students in the new year! If you have any friends, family or acquaintances interested in martial arts and self defense please feel free to bring them in at any time to try it out!

Welcome back!

Holiday Schedule

Hello Everyone!

Atado School of Defensive Arts will be closed for the holiday season from Monday Dec 22nd to Friday January 2nd. Classes will resume on Saturday January 3rd.

Enjoy your time off and Happy Holidays!

– Sifu Justin

Revised Class Schedule for October

Attention Atado students!

For the next two weeks there will be modifications to the class schedule. Please note that unless otherwise stated, all times are as per the normal class schedule.

Starting this week, changes are as follows:

Week of October 6th:

Monday: Sifu Ron to take class
Tuesday: Sifu Ron to take class
Wednesday: Sifu Karen to take class
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: Sifu Karen to run A.M. kung fu
Sunday: CLOSED

Week of October 13th:

Monday: Thanksgiving holiday, club is closed
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: Sifu Karen to take class
Thursday: CLOSED
Friday: Sifu Karen to take class 6:00 – 8:00
Saturday: CLOSED