Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese Martial Art , literally meaning “supreme ultimate fist”. Tai Chi began as a practice of good health and can be described as moving meditation. While there are different levels of intensity, Tai Chi is always focused on relaxation, self awareness and staying in the moment. Tai Chi is also meant to help with awareness of and effects on balance and does include elements of self-defence.

Wudangshan BW

At Atado, we practice Tai Chi in the Shaolin Temple tradition, one of the oldest and rarest forms of Tai Chi. Our ancient Li and Li Family styles along with the Wudang style are very relaxing for both mind and body. Our focus is on health and well-being. Our practice includes breathing, Qi Gong and Tai Chi forms.

Atado Tai Chi class

Atado Tai Chi class

When practised properly, the soft and gentle movements of Tai Chi make it a wonderful exercise for all ages that can aid in revitalizing the body.


Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi (Continuing) classes require some experience and focus on advancing the knowledge of practitioners. Our WuDang Tai Chi forms have been passed down by generations of Shaolin Masters. We will be doing various Tai Chi forms which may include WuDang and Yang forms. We will also be doing Tai Chi weapons.


Tai Chi Weapons

In Tai Chi Weapons we practice Fan, Sword and Staff forms. These classes are open to all levels.


 Beginner’s Tai Chi

Shifu Victor Zhang will guide the beginner’s 8 week Tai Chi programs. Shifu Victor has practiced Tai Chi and Chan (meditation) with various temples and monasteries. In the beginner’s Tai Chi program you will start to synchronize your breath with movement. Learn how to incorporate Tai Chi with other martial arts.

Contact us for details and schedule.


(Please be aware that Atado School of Defensive Arts does not make any claims that Tai Chi can cure illness; however a healthy diet combined with exercise can aid towards increased vitality.)


  1. Hi,
    I am interested in the beginner 8 week Tai Chi program as well as the Tai Chi Weapons. Would the 8wk beginner be on Tuesdays 7-9 and weapons, Saturday (not sure time). As well, what would the cost be for these opportunities?
    I would be able to begin (if possible, the second week of August or September).
    Thank you for your time.

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